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The Makah People, Neah Bay, WA

Posted on May 4th, 2012 by Luciep

TAG was touched and privileged to be invited in November and again in December 2011 to help facilitate WSCADV’s “In Her Shoes” interactive training program followed by the TAG Friends & Family Workshop.   Joddie Johnson, Neah Bay DV Advocate, attended TAG’s Friends & Family Workshop at the 2011 WSCADV Annual Conference in Yakima.  She wanted to bring TAG’s message to her people.  TAG was deeply honored that she invited us to share our stories of survival and unique insights into how a closely-knit community might more effectively respond to domestic violence.  Participants included DV advocates from Forks, WA and the majority of Neah Bay Police Department.  What we did not expect was to be inspired by the songs and history of these amazing Native People.  Just to visit their beautiful land and learn more about the Makah People was truly inspiring.  We returned to Seattle each time re-energized and even more committed to encourage EVERY community to work together toward the prevention of domestic violence.  We will always be grateful and look forward to our next visit to the “Beginning of the World.”

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