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About Us

Thrivers Action Group’s mission is one of action.

  • Members of TAG are physically, emotionally, and socially safe enough to tell their personal stories and experiences in public.
  • They are all survivors and have a passion to help others experiencing domestic violence by stepping out of their own comfort zones and telling their stories.
  • Their stories of isolation, fear, violence, guilt, shame, hopelessness, escape, overcoming obstacles, growth, encouragement and thriving are powerful and change attitudes about who victims are and what they look like.
Thrivers Action Group

History & Mission

TAG’s Mission Statement:

"Planting the Seeds of Social Awareness One Truth at a Time and Encouraging Communities to Address Domestic Violence."
TAG’s vision is to continue to expand their communication to create more powerful voices of truth.

Board Biographies

Members of Thrivers Action Group come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and are unique in their experiences, vocations and educational levels, standing proudly as proof that surviving domestic violence is possible.