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History & Mission

Thrivers Action Group

TAG’s Mission Statement:

“Planting the Seeds of Social Awareness One Truth at a Time and Encouraging Communities to Address Domestic Violence.”

TAG has made presentations to community, civic and service organizations, political leaders, members of law enforcement and attorneys. Members of TAG have participated in non profit board member and volunteer training, television and radio programs and interviews, public service announcements, and published articles.

Thrivers Action Group panels have been integrated into the Victims Support Team of the Seattle Police Department training academy curriculum.

TAG’s vision is to continue to expand their communication, to create more powerful voices of truth, to attract affiliate members with like passion, and to replicate their basic program of survivor panels into all 50 states.


June Loveall

YWCA Regional Director, Suburban King County

(original TAG group facilitator)

I had the privilege of being in the room at the inception and creation of TAG. This incredibly creative and determined group of women talked through what they identified as their vision of what support looked like for women who had experienced DV and made the important choice to move on with their life. They wanted to move forward with determination and joy and to help others do it too. They knew they were survivors, certainly not “victims” any longer. They were beyond surviving, they were, in fact, THRIVING!

TAG met regularly at New Beginnings where the initial meetings were hosted. There was much laughter and story telling. There was bonding and sharing. All of this energy was certainly going to be harnessed for a greater good. They wanted to share their resources, their stories and their successes. They knew that talking about this in the community could only help. All of the women brought strength and skills to the group. They are very different, from different walks of life and experiences. Their common desire to talk about domestic violence and help others understand has taken them far.

By merely providing them a space and time to meet helped create a group that is impacting everyone they come in contact with. They have taken the DV support group to the next level. TAG had moved beyond learning the dynamics and sharing. They did plenty of encouraging and helping. I remember saying “you guys could run a group on your own!” and sure enough, they have done just that. It was my honor to just sit back, listen, provide a little guidance and get out of the way! I love watching their progress and cheer them on. I can’t help but get a ping of pride every time I read about what they are doing now. This is a perfect example of what women can do when they are ready to move forward. DV does not define you. It does not limit you. It does not label you. What it CAN do is inspire you to do great things, and do it the way YOU want to do it.


2009 Recipients  King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence – Take Action award









Survivors Recognition Day
October 15, 2009

Featured Speaker: Sandra Hunter