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Nancy Slater

Nancy Slater

Nancy ……


 is like her birthstone the diamond…..brilliant, multi faceted,

                     light- reflecting, unbreakable, valuable……


She is thankful for the to the life experiences that have created who she is today Floristry enabled her to express her creativity for years as a floral designer, a retail shop owner, earning her AIFD [American Institute of Floral Designers] accreditation in 1995, and teaching floral design. Nancy still presents occasional floral design presentations.

Education ……. In 1999 [40 years after high school] Nancy graduated from South Seattle Community College with an AA degree and an AAS degree in adult education/training.   Her youngest son, Dan, a high school teacher with a Masters Degree, is sharing the photo and smiles.  In July 2011 she recently completed her studies at Grand Canyon University by receiving her Bachelors Degree in Christian Studies.


Thrivers Action Group  is her way of making use of the lessons learned as a survivor of a violent second marriage.  By speaking boldly of her experiences she encourage victims to seek safety, inspires survivors to grow in self confidence, and encourages society to find understanding and empathy for all who live in fear.

Family & Faith…..are two very important areas of Nancy’s life.  She is active at Christian Faith Center in Federal Way.  She is enrolled in a Masters program at Hope International University and will receive her MA in Ministry  with a focus on Women’s Ministry.

Family includes a sister Mary, two living sons Dick and Dean, daughter in law Jamyee, Grandson Cory, Great grandson Crobin Daniel, Granddaughters Thresa,  Allison and Jade.

When you add Friends to the equation of Nancy’s life, she is truly blessed.


She will retire the end of 2012 after spending more than 15 fabulous years at a real estate firm.  A love of music and reading, traveling, writing, serving as a New Beginnings board member, and volunteering help make  Nancy who she is.