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Performing artists began the original DaDa movement in protest against World War I.

A century later, TAG is still speaking out against violence by hosting its own DaDa performance similar to other events in Europe and Australia.

TAG’s mission is to “plant the seeds of social awareness” by educating our community about the reality of domestic violence. DaDa is one way that everyone can participate in this important objective.  This year TAG will transform DaDa into a Social Networking Awareness Extravaganza!!




Amazing dancers like Raq Steady Eddie

Raq Steddy Eddie

Representing a wide variety of styles and backgrounds – just like survivors.

Following the show, you may also want to join in the open
Dance Against Domestic

Save the date and bring your friends and family for an day of entertainment and community support.

TAG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and donations will be used to support TAG’s mission, including its monthly TAG Team Workshops which are provided free to survivors of domestic abuse.