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Family and Friends:  No Shame, No Blame

The first call a victim makes is often to someone in their close circle.

In this interactive workshop, Thrivers Action Group (TAG) will discuss how to educate family and friends about domestic violence, so the first response is not riddled with shame and blame. A survivor’s story will also be explored to discuss where family and friends might have intervened had there been awareness about domestic violence.

TAG has presented training workshops at several Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence Annual Conferences.  In February 2012 TAG was privileged to also present it to the staff of the Puget Sound Educational Service District.  The audience included professionals who serve Western Washington school districts as family counselors, Head Start administrators, and in  other critical functions particularly supporting at risk families and children.  Following the TAG Friends & Family Workshop, the results of the training evaluations were described in one word:  TRANSFORMATIVE!  And TAG is looking forward to being invited back soon.

Please consider hosting a Friends & Family Workshop so that your organization might also be transformed in its approach to domestic violence.


Please contact us if you want to know more about trainings and or presentations.